Baked Spinach Eggs (400g)


Omellete style eggs baked with a generous helping of tender spinach, red chilli, and finely chopped onion.

Eggs, Spinach, Red Chilli, Onion, Sichuan Pepper And Chilli Oil, Salt, Black Pepper
Nutritional Facts
Per Serving Size: 100g 88 kcal
Total Calories: 352 kcal  
Protein: 7.4 g  
Total Carbs: 3 LS(g) 2 DV(%)
Dietary Fibre:  0.9 LS(g)  3 DV(%)
Total Sugars: 1.5 LS(g)  
Total Fat: 5.4 LS(g)  6 DV(%)
Saturated Fat:  1.8 LS(g) 8 DV(%)
Cholesterol:  196 LS(mg) 65 DV(%)
Sodium:  86.4 MG(mg)  4 DV(%)
Vitamin D:   90 DV(%)
Calcium:    5 DV(%)
Iron:   9 DV(%)
Potassium:    4 DV(%)

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