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Hooking you up with the health status you’ve always wanted
Choose Your Delivery Dates
Only We Offer Flexible Plans

No need for mass delivery. We’ll follow your schedule.

All About Choices
Menu Variety

We get creative with our bi-weekly new menus so you’ll never get bored

No Preservatives/Nasties
No Preservatives

We use honest and natural ingredients to whip up epic meals.

We Got It Covered
We Got It Covered

From prep to cooking, we cover the A-Z. So, you just E-A-T.

Choose The Right Meal for You

Pick the plan that best suits your end goal.

Weight Loss Meal Plan

This is a calorie deficit (or restrictive) approach plan designed to help you lose weight with healthy, filling meals so you can be at your very best.


Low Carb Meal Plan

This plan is designed to help increase protein and lower your carb intakes all at once while looking into burning fat fast yet retaining your muscle mass.


Eat Clean Meal Plan

A calorie-conscious plan that's all about the perfect balance of healthy and delicious lean proteins and whole grains, and fresh vegetables.


Vegetarian Meal Plan

A meatless vegetarian fare prepped with a significant amount of meat-less protein to substitute nutrients the body needs.


Have Questions About a Plan?

Our customer experience staff is here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much is a Meal Plan and How do I place my Meal Plan order?

    To check on the pricing of our Meal Plans, do visit us at https://yolofoods.sg/meal-plan.

    Scroll down to select your preferred plan and click on "Select" on (your preferred plan). Then follow the prompts to select your preferences (i.e. kcals, Half Day of Full Day Plan, number of days) and the price will be displayed at the end. You can then place your order by checking out your cart.


  • What happens after a Meal Plan order is placed?

    Once you place your order for your YOLO Meal Plan, you will receive two emails:

    1. Order notification with your payment receipt.

    2. Proceed to "My Profile" page on the website to begin scheduling all of your delivery dates. Note that you can fully change your delivery dates and plan each day to your liking. Note that dates need to be changed (3) working days prior to the delivery  date, as these dates will be locked in and changes will not be able to be made after that time.

    3. Once we have received your delivery date submission, you will receive your delivery date confirmation email from our Customer Care team (this email can sometimes land in your spam, so be sure to check). Reach out to our Customer Care team should you require additional assistance in changing your delivery dates.


  • Order Processing Time

    Three (3) working days (excluding weekends and public holidays) are required to process your orders.

    All online orders for YOLO Meal Plan and schedule delivery date submitted after 12.00pm on Mondays through Thursdays will be processed on the next working day.

    YOLO Meal Plan orders and schedule delivery date submitted after 12.00pm on Friday will have the following Tuesday as the earliest delivery date available.


  • What is the validity period of your Meal Plans?

    5 day Meal Plan - 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

    10 day Meal Plan - 4 weeks from the date of purchase.

    30 day Meal Plan - 10 weeks from the date of purchase.

    You are free to select any weekday for delivery of your meal plan within the validity period above, it doesn’t necessarily have to be consecutive days.


  • What sort of requests do you accept?

    We can accept the following requests:

    No beef / lamb

    No seafood

    No spicy food / chilis

    No nuts

    No dairy

    Take out one specific vegetable or food ingredient you do not like.

    In order to meet your dietary requirements, your meal may be replaced with another meal which may not be on the day’s menu. The replacement will be subject to availability.

  • When are Meal Plans delivered?

    FULL-DAY Meal Plans and HALF DAY LUNCH Meal Plans

    You will receive your meal anytime between 9.00 am -12.30 pm.

    HALF DAY DINNER Meal Plans

    For dinner orders, you will receive your meal anytime 3.00 pm - 6.30 pm.

    Our Meal Plans are delivered on weekdays only (Mondays through Fridays), excluding public holidays.