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7 Most Hydrating Fruits To Add In Your Shopping Cart

7 Most Hydrating Fruits To Add In Your Shopping Cart

Despite the rainy days, and with temperatures still peaking in Singapore, it is vital to stay hydrated. It's not just for our liver (as we've commonly learned) but also for the heart to pump more blood easily throughout the body so that muscles can function efficiently, otherwise our heart would need to work extra hard for optimal blood circulation as fluid regulates our body’s temperature and lubricates the joints. At times, we get too engrossed in our activities and only quench ourselves when we get thirsty - a sure sign you're already dehydrated. Your quality of life would degrade if you do this often.

Tropical fruits and vegetables are readily available throughout the year in Singapore, and many of these produce come with high amounts of water content that can be readily absorbed into our body. Aside from drinking, consuming fruits is another way we can stay hydrated. As a bonus, fruits and vegetables also contribute to our daily requirements of dietary fibre.

Share this with someone you know who isn't getting enough water! Here are some fruits to add to your shopping list, and why they matter:


This stone fruit not only consists of high amounts of water, it boasts its high Vitamin C quantity. If you are tired of having oranges all the time, you can give peaches a go. They provide 19% of our Vitamin C daily requirements.


It is obvious that watermelons contain abundant amounts of water. The watermelon also contains one of the highest amounts of lycopene, a cancer-fighting antioxidant. In fact, it contains higher amounts of lycopene compared to raw tomatoes.

Summer Squash

Like cucumbers, they contain heaps of water. It is also a low-calorie food. A cup of raw summer squash only contains about 20 kilocalories. Summer squash can be eaten raw or cooked depending on one’s preferences. However, be mindful not to heat it up too much, as water will be lost in the process. Blanching or a quick stir-fry can be good options.


Cucumbers probably have the highest amount of water of any solid food. It is also probably why it can be readily found in many local dishes. Cucumbers are good to go whether as part of a salad or in soups. Try blending cucumbers with mint, non-fat yoghurt, and ice cubes. It is very refreshing and delicious!

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers of all colours contain high amounts of water, especially the green ones. Peppers spice up foods and make wonderful snacks as well. Carrots and celery sticks can get boring at times. Peppers give an instant perk on those taste buds.


All berries are good for hydration. Raspberries and blueberries hover at about 85% water while blackberries contain about 88.% water. Strawberry lovers, you are in for a treat. Strawberries contain about 91% water! They are packed with heaps of antioxidants and make good post-exercise recovery snacks. Mix strawberries with non-fat yoghurt to give it a protein boost.


Tomatoes come in wide varieties. The common ones are those that you find sliced at salad bars. Pop them in your mouth like snacks. They burst in flavours when you bite into them. Skewer them with bell peppers, basil leaves and mozzarella cheese to have a palate boost.

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